The Nabateans

Mitzpeh Ramon        

Sde Boker


The Nabateans

The Nabateans were a people of caravan traders from Saudi Arabia.

Their ancestor would be Nebayoth, the first son of Ishmael (son of Abraham and Hagar his maid).

They knew how to travel in the desert, and they traded incense and other costly merchandise. Their great skill in water management allowed them to be considered the "kings of the desert."


You would find a visit to the several different Nabatean cities a delight, as their vestiges are still well preserved.



Suggested itineraries

Itinerary 1

Avdat, Nabatean city

Mamshit, Nabatean city


Itinerary 2

Sdei Boker and David Ben Gurion's hut

Shivta, Nabatean city


Mitzpeh Ramon

Mitzpeh Ramon, isolated city in the Negev, overlooks the spectacular panorama of the Ramon crater, one of the country's most fascinating natural marvels.

This wonder covers an area of 320 square kilometers (8 km wide and 40 km long); it contains layers of rock that have provided researchers much information about the formation of the earth. Two main streams flow across the crater making nature hikes a beautiful experience.



Suggested itinerary

* Hike in the wadi Ramon - 3 hours

* Visit of the Nabatean fortress

* View “Ein Saharonim” and the Beduin tent of Beirrott.

* Lunch in Mitzpeh Ramon

* Visit of the Visitors Center


Sde Boker

The kibbutz Sdei Boker symbolizes the fulfillment of David Ben Gurion's vision. He was the first Prime Minister of the State of Israel and the Minister of Defense. He loved the open landscape of the Negev and dreamt of making it a fertile and inhabited region.

The kibbutz keeps the mark and the inheritance of his character. The hut in which he stayed when he settled in the kibbutz, and until his death, is kept intact.

The graves of Paula and David Ben Gurion are found in the adjacent parcel of land. From there, the view overlooking the stream Nachal Tzin, is stunning.

Sdei Boker is a great starting point for wonderful trips to fascinating sites like the National Park of Ein Advat, crossed by the gorges that were formed by the Nakhal Tsin river, or a little further to the Nabatean city of Shivta, and for other great tours.

Suggested itinerary:

Visit of the kibbutz and David Ben Gurion's hut

Lunch at the kibbutz

Visit of Shivta, Nabatean city