Jerusalem, standing high amidst the poor Judean hills, has been crowned as queen of the world's cities for 3000 years.

Jerusalem was first mentioned in the Bible during the times of Abraham under the name of Salem which means "peace".

In the 10th century B C David captured the city from the Jebusites, made it his capital and brought into it the Ark of the Covenant.

965-922 B C Solomon built the First Temple.

587 B C The Babylonians captured the city, destroyed the Temple and carried the two tribes of the kingdom of Jerusalem into captivity to Babylon .

538 B C The Jews came back to Jerusalem and rebuilt the Temple.

332 B C Alexander the Great captures Jerusalem.

168 B C Antiochus Epiphanes destroyed its walls

167 -163 B C The Jews enjoyed independence under the dynasty of the Hasmoneans.

63 B C The Romans took control over the city

37 B C Herod was named as King of the Jews. He built many places in Jerusalem, among them the Second Temple which was more magnificient than Solomon's.

70 A C Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman Emperor Titus.

132-135 A C After the crushing of the second Jewish revolt of Bar Kokhba, Hadrian rebuilt Jerusalem as a Roman city and called it "Aelia Capitolina".

330 A C Roman Emperor Constantine made Jerusalem a Christian city after he received his revelation.

614 A C The Persians conquered Jerusalem and destroyed all its churches.

636 A C Jerusalem passed to the Arabs who held it for almost 500 years.

1099 A C Jerusalem was conquered by the Crusaders who made it the seat of their Latin Kingdom

1187 A C lt was reconquered by the Muslims under Sala’din.

1517 A C The Turks took control over the city and kept it for 400 years.

1917 A C It was taken by the Allies under General Allen by of the British Army.

1948 A C During the war that took place between the Jews and the Arabs, Jerusalem was divided in two and given to Jordan and Israel.

1967 A C During the Six Day War Israel took the Old City, which had been in Jordanian hands, and Jerusalem became united once again.

Today, you can visit and enjoy the capital of Israel and dive into history.


The City of David

The City of David is the oldest settled neighborhood of Jerusalem and a major archaeological site due to recognition as biblical Jerusalem.
It is located south to the Temple Mount.Natural borders protects it, the Tyropeon Valley on the west, the Hinnom valley on the south and the Kidron Valley on the east.
The city was knwon as a walled city during the Bronze Age, and, according to the Jewish Tradition, it was the place where David's palace was built and his capital established.
Today the archaeological dig and visitor center are one of the major tourist destinations in Israel. We'll visit the remains of the Cananite wall, the Royal quarter, the Ezekiah tunnel and more.

A lot of fun and a a passionating trip through history. Come and visit the City of David, the place where it all began!


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