On this page you have the choice between two one-day excursions in the Judean hills.


Itinerary 1: The wine road: Judean wine tasting
Since Biblical times, we produce wine in the land of Israel. Thousands of years before vines arrived in Europe, they were cultivated in the area known today as, Israel and Egypt. The soil and climate are still ideal for some vineyards: Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Riesling, Chardonnay...

  • A visit of Sea Horse Winery- Moshav Bar Giora: A completely organic wine production. The owner, Mr Ezv Dunia, after leaving the world of cinema, started to produce his own wine, basing himself on the wine style of Vallee du Rhone, of France.
  •  A visit of Flam Winery- Eshtaol- Wines coming from this winery are considered as the best Israel has to offer and are internationally known.
  •  A visit of Tzora Vineyards-Kibbutz Tzora. This kibbutz owns its own cellar ( and presses its own grapes. The kibbutz is also home to the Tepergerg 1870 cellar, one of the first cellars of the old city of Jerusalem. (
  •  A visit of Mony Winery-Dir Rafat-The cellar was built in 2000 by the Artoul family, who originate from the Galilea, and who have been guardians of the Dir Rafat Monastery for over 15 years. The wine cellar also has another cellar built under the Monastery, and a beautiful view of the Sorek Valley.


 Itinerary 2 : Kibbutz Tzuba- The cave of John the Baptist-Tel Tzuba-Sataf- The stalactites Cave.

  •  A visit to the cave of John the Baptist. We will start our visit with the presumed cave of John the Baptist.
  • A visit of Sataf: an ancient Mameluk agricultural settlement. A beautiful excursion on farmland.
  • A visit of The stalactites Cave: during an explosion in the quarry in 1968, a cave was unveiled, dating back to a few million geological years. The Sorek cave would have been formed by mixing limestone coming from the water and carbon dioxide. This mix gave birth to beautiful stalactites.